Marriage Not Dating Episode 6

Marriage Not Dating Episode 6

Marriage, Not Dating is a hilarious romantic comedy that follows a plastic surgeon on his quest to remain single, and a saleswoman on her quest to get married. Gong Gi Tae is a 33 year old plastic surgeon. He is also a bachelor, and wants to remain that way, despite his parents desire for him to get married. Han Groo as Joo Jang Mi: At the age of 29, Joo Jang Mi is ready for marriage. She is am honest and outspoken saleswoman at an upscale department store. He has a childish personality, playful and at times inconsiderate, but very sweet.

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5 Reasons to Watch “Marriage, Not Dating” August 8, / 4 Comments / in Entertainment / by Tara Marriage, Not Dating may almost be over, but it is worth your while to binge watch the 10 episodes currently available and fall in love with the drama like the rest of us!

The concept The storyline of Marriage, Not Dating is somewhat complicated and most likely unrealistic, but who cares? Gong Gi Tae wants to stay a bachelor, but his nagging mother wants him to get married. Gi Tae and Joo Jang Mi cross paths, and they end up starting a fake relationship. I see why Jang Mi falls for him: From that description alone, he seems like the perfect man. But there are few things that have happened so far that may make you wary of him.

And I have a feeling something more may happen in the later episodes. Then again, there are a few that do. There are a lot of not-so-subtle moments where Gi Tae implies that he and Jang Mi are always sleeping together. It makes the scenarios seem more realistic, and they are more relatable for mature audiences.

Marriage, Not Dating

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Synopsys: Marriage, Not Dating – Lively and straightforward sales-woman Joo Jang Mi wants to marry her boyfriend Lee Hong Dong, but for him the relationship isn\’t as serious and, afraid of the confrontation that would ensue, he asks his best friend to help him break up with her. That\’s how she meets Gong Gi Tae, successful plastic surgeon.

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Episode 2 Watch and Download Marriage, Not Dating: Episode 2 with English Subtitle.

Dikenakan denda atas gugatan penganiayaan berkelanjutan. Jang Mi tertawa mendengar kasus yang dituduhkan padanya, sedangkan seorang pria Kong Ki Tae terlihat buru-buru masuk kedalam kantor kejaksaan. Anda mengakui anda bersalah karena menguntit? Kong Ki Tae ditahan oleh petugas keamanan karena ingin masuk tanpa melepaskan barang elektronik yang ia bawa. Jang Mi terlihat kaget melihat Ki Tae yang datang di sidangnya. Setelah mandi Jang Mi masih menyanyikan lagu Will You Marry Me dan menghias kamarnya dengan banyak balon, cake juga bunga Kayaknya mau ngelamar deh.

Jang Mi berdandan dan menelpon seseorang. Dilain tempat tepatnya di rumah sakit, Ki Tae sedang bersiap-siap untuk mengoperasi pasien dan tidak menjawab panggilan yang masuk di ponselnya. Jang Mi menyalakan lilin diatas kue yang ia siapkan dan masih sabar menunggu jawaban dari pacarnya. Di saat bersamaan telepon Jang Mi juga diangkat. Apa yang sangat ingin kau tunjukkan padaku? Seorang wanita mengangkat tangannya pada Ki Tae. Tapi ada orang asing yang melambai padaku.

Dia malah tersenyum padaku.

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