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Add the onions and bay leaf, sprinkle with salt and cook until tender and translucent. Add the Jerusalem artichokes and potatoes and stir. Add 8 cups water and the thyme bundle, and stir. Bring to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. Cook until the Jerusalem artichokes and potatoes are fork tender, 15 to 20 minutes. Remove the bay leaf and thyme bundle. In a blender, puree the soup in batches until smooth.

Solomon’s Temple

What does this move mean for the U. A mere 11 minutes later, U. Truman officially recognized Israel, making the U. The two nations have continued to have close ties ever since. Formal diplomatic relations with Israel were established less than a year later with the appointment of an ambassador. The newly opened U.

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Yvette Alt Miller Some revolutionary concepts found in the Torah. Many of the concepts espoused in the Torah and Jewish tradition seem quintessentially modern, yet go back thousands of years. Monotheism Judaism introduced the powerful notion that one God created and rules the universe. This was a profound break with the idolatrous models that came before, in which an angry or capricious god was seen to govern events at random, and had to be appeased — often in horrible ways, like child sacrifice.

The Torah, in contrast, provided a radically different model of the universe, which uplifts, instead of degrades. It taught that nothing was random; the world was created for a purpose, and so were we. We each have a divinely-mandated goal in our lives and are charged to reach our potential. This was a revolutionary idea. Ordinary people were seen as holy, important beings. The Torah describes every individual as being created betzelem Elokim, in the image of God. No matter what our circumstances or abilities, each life is holy and special.

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Archaeologists discovered the inscription this past winter near the Jerusalem International Convention Center during a dig carried out in the area prior to the construction of a new road, where the foundations of a Roman structure were exposed. The most significant part was a stone column drum, reused in the Roman structure, upon which the Aramaic inscription appears, written in Hebrew letters typical of the Second Temple Period. Click here to subscribe to our newsletter.

Ronny Reich of Haifa University, who read and studied the inscription, noted that “First and Second Temple period inscriptions mentioning Jerusalem are quite rare. But even more unique is the complete spelling of the name as we know it today, which usually appears in the shorthand version.

Dating. Judaism Videos Stan Lee, Creator of Flawed Superheroes Has Died. Jerusalem Day. Shavuot. Tisha B’Av. The High Holidays. Rosh Hashanah. Yom Kippur. Sukkot. it become increasingly clear the film offered an exploration of ideas straight out of age old Jewish wisdom.

As we see history’s graveyard, it’s like viewing the tombstone of an empire. How many people saw the powerful Nineveh gates as a part of their daily scenery? The gates were just always there, part of the skyline, taken for granted, testifying to the King’s authority and glory. What was it like for the rulers? They enjoyed that eternal feeling that we all have while we are young and strong.

Living in grandeur and exercising power over a kingdom of peoples they enjoyed all that life could provide.

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However, aside from scoring loot from ransacked towns and lands from Charlemagne, there is a much deeper aspect to knighthood. Knights were more than just brave in battle, they were loyal, devoted, honorable, and firm believers in gentle politeness and courtly manners. Famously acclaimed fighters during the Crusades dating back to the s. Aside from being established on the Temple Mount in Jerusalem, there are two important things to know.

The first, their signature white mantles bared red crosses.

Located on the eastern side of Jerusalem, the Mount of Olives is the place to come for spectacular views across Jerusalem and especially vistas of the Old City of Jerusalem. Historically, the Mount of Olives was a site of great importance and considered the center of Jerusalem.

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Contributor Jerusalem artichokes, or sunchokes, are delicious tubers that act quite similarly to potatoes when cooked. They originate from a plant that looks like a sunflower, and are not artichokes or from Jerusalem, so how the name Jerusalem artichoke came about is debated. Most likely it was a misunderstanding over the Italian word for sunflower, girasole. No matter the name, Jerusalem artichokes are delicious — nutty, crunchy when raw and super nutritious.

Jerusalem is one of the most magical cities in the world, experience and explore it like you should; get to know the best places like a local with two of Israel’s largest tour .

Please improve it by verifying the claims made and adding inline citations. Statements consisting only of original research should be removed. August Learn how and when to remove this template message In an artistic representation, King Solomon dedicates the Temple at Jerusalem painting by James Tissot or follower, c. The Bible describes Hiram I of Tyre who furnished architects, workmen and cedar timbers for the temple of his ally Solomon at Jerusalem. He also co-operated with Solomon in mounting an expedition on the Red Sea.

The conventional dates of Solomon’s reign are circa to BCE. This puts the date of its construction in the mid th century BCE. The Temple itself finished being built after 7 years. A decade later, Nebuchadnezzar again besieged Jerusalem and after 30 months finally breached the city walls in BCE, subsequently burning the Temple, along with most of the city 2 Kings Technical details are lacking, since the scribes who wrote the books were not architects or engineers.

Reconstructions differ; the following is largely based on Easton’s Bible Dictionary and the Jewish Encyclopedia: The usual explanation for the discrepancy between its height and the cubit height of the temple is that its floor was elevated, like the cella of other ancient temples. It contained two cherubim of olive-wood, each 10 cubits high 1 Kings 6: There was a two-leaved door between it and the Holy Place overlaid with gold 2 Chr.

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Tweet “If thou hadst known, even thou, at least in this thy day, the things which belong unto thy peace! For the days shall come upon thee, that thine enemies shall cast a trench about thee, and compass thee round, and keep thee in on every side, and shall lay thee even with the ground, and thy children within thee; and they shall not leave in thee one stone upon another; because thou knewest not the time of thy visitation. From the crest of Olivet, Jesus looked upon Jerusalem.

Fair and peaceful was the scene spread out before Him. It was the season of the Passover, and from all lands the children of Jacob had gathered there to celebrate the great national festival.

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The New Testament is explicit in reporting his resurrection on the first day of the week, which we call Sunday. But it comes as a surprise for many to learn that the tradition of Friday as the day of the crucifixion is not supported in the scriptures. Rather, the clues in both the New Testament and the Book of Mormon point to Thursday as the day of the week when Jesus was crucified. Dozens of these clues were explored in a recently published academic article I prepared, which appeared in the most recent number of BYU Studies Quarterly December In that article it is demonstrated that Jesus was executed on the fifth day of the week, which we call Thursday.

Moreover, the calendar date of that Thursday was April 6 in the Julian calendar in Roman use at the time. For those interested in examining all of the evidence in the 57 page article, a link will appear below. There are, to be sure, a dozen references that mention the three days his body would lie in the tomb of Joseph of Arimathea.

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The Great Jerusalem Temple Prophecy: Latter-day Context and Likening unto Us Jeffrey R. Chadwick The great Jerusalem temple prophecy, found in Isaiah –3, is one of the most remarkable passages in the Hebrew Bible, or indeed, in all of ancient scripture.

The opinions, facts and any media content in them are presented solely by the authors, and neither The Times of Israel nor its partners assume any responsibility for them. Please contact us in case of abuse. In case of abuse, Report this post. Jerusalem is a great city for dating because this amazing city has it all. Here is what they had to say: There are no awkward silences. The show tells the story of our return to rebuild ancient Jerusalem using state of the art lasers and music.

A thrilling, outdoor cinematic experience projected onto the ancient ruins in the actual site where this story unfolded.

Jerusalem (Before A.D. 71)

Jewish Ideas Daily has been succeeded and re-launched as Mosaic. Seeking the Peace of Jerusalem—or a Piece of Jerusalem? Archeology has become a full-fledged battlefield in the dispute over who has the superior claim to the city, Jews or Muslims. The Israeli government has just created new controversy with the largest construction surge in decades in East Jerusalem.

Jerusalem Jerusalem, the holy city of three faiths, has been the focus of competing historical, religious, and political narratives from biblical chronicles to today’s headlines.

The Orthodox are in force here in their Polish Aristocratic dress Did anyone in the Bible wander around in black in 40c. The old city is surrounded by stone wall and accessed by various gates. The Wailing Wall and the Golden Dome of Al-Aksa the Muslim holy site are what everyone goes to see but the Christian churches are the real attractions. The Church of the Holy Sepulcher is mind-blowing and you can catch the Armenian and Greek monks in archaic, haunting choruses around the altars.

Actually you have to feel a little sorry for the Western Christians who come here expecting to find the holy city of their faith. The place is actually contested by the various Christian mafias — the church just mentioned is fought over by the Greek Orthodox, the Armenians, The Assyrians, the Coptics and the Italian Catholics.

Sometimes at Easter fistfights break out between the faiths as they compete for first place in the holy processions. In the Arabic quarter you can buy your knickknacks but best of all eat really good hummous. Jerusalem is hilly and spread out which makes walking pretty exhausting.

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